The Federal Government just approved another extra day as public holiday, (just) because the moon didn’t come to the party, on schedule.
As far as I’m concerned, this is arrant nonsense!
Things like these is what make me wonder if our leaders truly understand global competitiveness and the need for Nigeria to ‘sharply’ leap towards catching up.
What is the value of the GDP loss to an additional bank holiday?
Already, the Nigeria’s informal sector GDP contribution is more than about a couple of other Africa countries’ GDPs, combined! (I just ran into this information 2 days ago from Dr. Yemi Kale’s handle) Can’t we drive this even further?
A lot of entrepreneurs are going to be affected by this one day. I have people who operate their businesses as a cross between, being a corporate and being an informal organization –
An additional day sitting at home (holidaying, partying) doing nothing when We are saying there’s no money, is a show of – lack of being insightful, from the part of the Govt.
As a matter of fact, you spend more staying at home!
As a matter of fact, you spend more staying at home. Beach with the kids!
At the moment, my income has reduced by 1/3rd in value without a change in the actual figure.
I have tried to readjust my personal budget from every angle, and trust me, I am very afraid of how much standard I’ll be losing to this budget readjustment scheme.
My body dey hot. I’m chasing after survival. Now the Govt. wants me to stay at home, idle.
We need to get off government’s handout and focus on small businesses. That way, these public holidays, driven by religious sentiments, will make less sense and we can create our own holidays, at our pace..
… Anyway

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