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Aso Ebi Matter

“Aso Ebi” is good. It is one of the few long standing tradition that has established the Yoruba culture as a deep-seated communal society.

But having to always stress or borrow to keep up with the numbers of unnecessary aso-ebi is the ‘beginning of the introduction’ of poverty into our lives. If we take a decision today, to reduce our investment in these “aso-ebis” to only the necessary events (which may turn out to be 1 OR EVEN ZERO in a year); without statistical or mathematical calculations, we may end up 30% richer than we are today!

We all want to show support to other people, but having to go out of our way to show that support creates a ripple effect! We automatically turn ourselves into a burden! Because, we may have borrowed! Borrowed from a source we cannot return! Or we may have emotionally blackmailed others OR EVEN the celebrants!!!

Aso Ebi should be with convenience, voluntary and without motives. We should celebrate with others, with Joy and not under duress.

Everyday, I wonder how much our women “invest” in these ‘aso-ebis’, but what amazes me the most are their collaborating HUSBANDS… “Hian! E ni nko she ni”?

– Just me thinking o…. You guys can go ahead piling up Aso Ebi Looool