About Hamm

Ade Oyinloye is a graduate of the United States Telecommunication Training Institute with a Diploma in Cyber-Security. He works as an IT Consultant spanning over 15 years of experience, in the Internet Service Provision Industry.



Ade Oyinloye sees himself as a Pro Nigeria with emphasis on its continuous unity, hence, his pseudo-name “Ade-of-Nigeria“. He loves to make general, but probing, comments on Politics, Lifestyle, Religion and every other Social Activities; as it impacts on Nigeria as a geographic location and Nigerians as a special people with great potentials.



Mother of three sons living in a small village in the UK, Cathryn has worked in forensic and mental health settings for the past 30 years pre and post qualifying in art psychotherapy. Cathryn is an educator, clinician, author, editor, supervisor and most recently qualified in NHS Leadership. Main interest is writing on the human condition and what makes us tick. How we perceive the world around us and position ourselves in the everydayness of life by drawing on my own experiences is the main source of focus of my observations.

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