We Are Adjusting, Small Small:

This past couple of months sha. …

Sincerely speaking, at some point I was beginning to think I needed to seek spiritual help. Or was it because I hadn’t paid my tithe in almost 7 years?
(Hahahaha. .. I just caught the attention of all my Religiously Correct brothers and sisters)

Everything suddenly took a turn. The full effect of the Nigeria Economy had started to do me ‘wan kain’. Various eventful events added its own join sef.

Petrol became Gold. Electricity went South. No money in the System. Salary didn’t go up, and it became worthy of a testimony if your employer continued to pay your Wages.

So I pulled out my expense sheet to reconcile. For some strange reasons, my energy consumption had started to go down – this is, considering the recent increase in pump price to an unprecedented N145/ltr

Ah ah, ki lo nshele ni bi yii?

Even more strangely, fuel stations are mostly empty these days. Are people not buying fuel again? Sometimes I have to look, again and again, at the emptiness in these filling stations, to determine if there was actually no fuel or that the station simply don’t have customers. It has been a, no customer, situation!

Oh oh. ..

 2016-06-17 15.30.36


Nigerians have started to find their new equilibrium. For me, my ‘irin gbere gbere’ has reduced drastically. The fuel in my car is now strictly for, commute to anywhere of benefit and benefit ONLY.
Curiously, I am now hearing glorious news about the BRT mass transit system (AC is tight and working well. The buses are on time. It’s even faster to get to your destination sef. Many many things you hear when Nigerians have decided to stylishly downgrade their habits 🙂 )

We are in a ‘Gba Fun Olohun’ State of Adjustment.

So on a cursory look when driving-by any of the BRT stops, I now see a lot more smartly dressed middle classers, in line, to get on the bus. LOL!

Isn’t that what we have been talking about?

 Black Outs

That Electricity palaver nko? Reflecting again, I’m not even bothered if ‘they bring’ light these days. If they’ like, take it in the middle of the night, trust me, my sleep will just engage gear 4 and move on.
And that’s not just me. My fellow Middle Class Estate Residents are in sync with me on this one. The generators don’t roar into action as quickly as it used to be.

“We can’t come and die”.

Even God is forgiving these days. Weather is now cool and fine.

A couple of months back shortly after it dawned on us that the Nigerian Economy was drunk with sapele water – 48% ogogoro pure white spirit – God was, coincidentally, also VERY angry at Nigerians! We have been badly behaved children.
He was boiling, such that the weather conditions were hitting 40deg celsius – even in the mid of the night when the moon is, supposedly, high up overlooking the ocean. You can imagine. This was also when The Miscreants, Niger Delta Avengers started blowing up pipelines, and Energy supplies (fuel and electricity) dropped across board.

The black-outs were bad. You will be sleeping like dis, and in the dream, it will appear you now have a new job working at a bakery located in hell. I would always break out in sweat. Sticky sweat,that I had also acquired a body (H)odor.

Ilu ti da’ru

But I think God too have chilled a bit. He is no longer vexing anyhow. He is most likely now using his mouth to blow cool breeze on us. I have a feeling he loves Nigeria specially. We are just stupid people. But he loves us.

Nigerians are hopefully now adjusting to a new reality. We can’t afford to go on recklessly again. This probably explains why the NLC call for strike, failed woefully!

Think about it, no one can easily afford an increase to N145/ltr and the consequences of rising food prices. NLC requested mass action, yet we politely declined. Why? Because we are learning the truth by the day. Sacrifices have to be made NOW, for a better tomorrow.

We are adjusting. My expense sheet is indicative of my new reality. I have started adjusting.

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