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Looking for a little more security in your digital life? If you’re a WhatsApp user, you’re in luck.The messaging service has just turned on two-step verification for all its billion-plus users. Once you activate the optional feature, anytime you (or anyone else) tries to verify your phone number, a six-digit passcode created by yourself must…

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Case Study: Mount Cedar Technologies Inc.

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Introduction to Mount Cedar Tech Inc

Mount Cedar Technologies, which began as an importer and distributor of computer accessories but later grew into an IT infrastructure integrator that specializes in hardware, software and security solutions, from an employee of 6 to 170 in 2006, is having an organizational behavior challenge. The company lacked an organization structure that can help improve on its operations’ effectiveness. Even though the decision making was highly decentralized, there was no cooperation among the managers therefore, each department were making independent decisions, without coordination or communication.


Mount Cedar Technologies Vision

In trying to analyze and provide suggestions that can improve or enhance Mount Cedar Technologies’ organizational challenge, we need to find out what the company’s vision is. According to Neil Kokemuller (2017), A mission and vison are standard and critical elements of a company’s organization strategy. Most established companies develop organizational vision statements which serves as foundational guides in the company’s objectives. The case study has not mentioned any mission or vision statement for the company, and this is an underlying factor in shaping an organizational culture. Where mission relates to goals and refers to the overriding purpose of the organization, Vision refers to the desired future state of the organization” (Johnson et al., 2011 p.8).

Hans Hinterhuber and Wolfgang Popp (1992, p.106) defines vision as “an orientation point that guides a company’s movement in a specific direction. If the vision is realistic and appeals both to the emotions and intelligence of employees, it can integrate and direct a company”.


Assessing the Leadership Style

Even though John Curtis, the CEO, has been instrumental to the growth of the business, his present leadership style had become problematic to many including the top management. He surprised people by showing uninvited to meetings and employees are expected to provide impromptu responses to unprepared questions thrown at them. Since Curtis has been perceived as being an issue, he cannot be recommended as a change leader. So, Mount Cedar Tech. need to restructure its organization, and what the company need is a distributed leadership which could be used to effect an organizational change. Research has also shown how change is driven by large number of organizational members, in an approach that is called “leadership constellations” (p. 17)


Creating an Organizational Structure that Promotes Creativity

The case study identified that the company lacked an organization structure that can help improve on its operations’ effectiveness. And one way to achieve this to create an organizational structure that promotes creativity. According to “Making Innovation Structures Work”, a McKinsey Global Survey results, Executive say their companies use multiple organizational approach to drive innovation and that the success of these efforts depends on integrated strategy.

While 86% say the structure of their separate functions positively influences outcomes, results however suggested that the most important factor of success is how creativity is integrated into corporate strategy. Therefore, some of the general characteristics of organizational innovation Mount Cedar Tech. can put in place to promote creativity, are

  • Allowing everybody understand that they are capable of generating creative ideas
  • Organizational culture that can smother creativity
  • If any one comes up with a great idea, let them understand – ‘no need to tell, just show it’


Improving Mount Cedar Tech. using Communication and Employee Empowerment

At Mount Cedar Technologies, decision making was highly decentralized which resulted in the loss of possible gains to be obtained from cooperation among managers. Ideally, having a flat structure and decentralized decision making should make an organization work more efficiently, and allow it to react quickly to business situation, however, if there is no coordination or proper communication, there will be a resulting silo effect in which each department will make decisions by itself.

Research has shown that effective lateral and work group communication leads to an improvement in overall company performance. Here are a few ways organization communication can increase decision making effectiveness and a productive organizational behavior

  • When information is not transferred correctly to the right people, there might be miscommunication as seen at Mount Cedar Tech. it is important to have a good communication system, so that everyone understands the goal and can work together towards it. E.g. to launch a new product on Facebook, new goals and tasks should be properly communicated to the employees
  • Effective communication can also empower employees and improve productivity if they have more information, about specific tasks. Mount Cedar Tech employees where not empowered and were not encouraged to risk taking. In fact, department managers acknowledged that they were busy reacting to problems and customer issues, allowing them no time to coordinate or listen to their employees. This is because managers don’t have information about how to deal with specific tasks.
  • Communication also creates healthy and productive cultures in an organization. If employees and managers have good working relationships with each other, the organizational behavior of the company improves.
  • Effective organizational communication also increases accountability. When employees and managers are provided with clear instructions, they know what is expected from each of them. This will break silo effect in an organization, and managers can work together in tandem with the organization mission and vision.


Addressing Diversity and Minority

Christensen and Cornelissen (2011, pp. 402-3) argue that organizations have to work with many voices, with different views and ideas, so that communication can be ambiguous and inconsistent for this reason of accommodating diversity in an organization: “vague and equivocal language allows organizations to talk about themselves in ways that integrate a variety of members and stakeholders without alienating anyone”. This is key to Mount Cedar Tech. as it was also lagging in the advancement of women and minorities.


Organizational Motivation and Reward

Finally, it is important to keep employees motivated and rewarded. Mount Cedar Tech, experienced complaints from employees who did not feel equitable treated, which resulted in the loss of talented employees. According to Lipman (2013) here are 5 easy ways (which are self-explanatory) to motivate employees

  • Align individual economic interests with company performance
  • Take a genuine interest in the future path of an employee’s career
  • Take a genuine interest in their work-life balance
  • Listen
  • Do unto others as you would have done unto you


Mount Cedar Technologies Inc.

Designing A High-Performance Organization


Adebola Oyinloye

California Miramar University




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Organizational Change: External Environment Alerts and Internal Pressures to Change

Business organizations are not protected from external environment threats, neither have they been able to successfully create an infallible system to guard against internal organizational pressures when the need for unintended Organizational Change arises.


Change managers, who are either the CEOs of a company or Project Managers are often part of the organizational process to help an organization do things differently or achieve a specific goal, and when external environment is the reason for change within an organization, they are on ground to identify these potential problems.

Here are a few Potential Threats from External Environment Influence that can force an organization to change its structure

  • Economic or political factors that influences External environment cause for organization change are often the most complex issues to address, as it affects the entire socio-environment in which the organization exist.

The 2015 Nigerian economic collapse into a ‘forced recession’ as a result of the transition from One political party to another, is a strong indication why organization must be adaptable, as consumers tighten their belt during such crisis, causing a demand-supply flow issue. Companies that were ill-prepared have since closed-shop

  • Competition with other business organizations are a common threat which any Change Manager can easily identify and should, somewhat, always be prepared for; For example, if the competition releases a range of new product; this can threaten market share and may result to hiring and firing


  • Other external environment factors include Technology, which is a constant evolving threat and often shapes how an organization is restructured, in terms of using technology to deliver quality service or its effect on organization staffing – employee lay-offs, recruitment or job description change.


  • And Globalization, which is a new entrant. This often related to business organization aspiration for global expansion and the need to capture new market.


In contrast, Organizations do often assume they have complete control over most internal environment factors that may effect change, because organization owns its people, culture, process and structure. However, one of its biggest pressure for change is Growth.

Organizations are expected to grow over the years as a sign of success (Dylan 2004). However, growth or lack of growth can both create some sort of complexity that pressures for change in an organization. And this change could lead to Organizational Restructuring (either employee down-sizing where growth is stalled or new recruitments, where its growing).

Introduction of a new CEO or a functional manager and internal power grabs and politics between stakeholder interests and decision makers are also internal environment pressures, that can call for change in organization

For instance, the introduction of a New CEO “can significantly impact business strategy and corporate culture”

In my opinion, since both external and internal environment factors are both influential to any organizational change process, the external factors are most impactful.

Most organizations are started out of the vision and goals of its sponsors and stakeholders, which often comes with a change process as contained in the organizational internal process, to address most expected threats that may arise.

However, the effect of external environment factors is highly unpredictable to an organization. For example, the political transition to President Mohammed Buhari in 2015, and his subsequent economic fumble have triggered a lot of instability across most business organizations in all sectors in Nigeria, forcing many businesses to close, downsize or restructure


Class Presentation by Adebola Oyinloye, Jan 2016

Organizational Development and Change Class


Wonder Wonder Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

This is my opinion on MMM



That my circumstances will not, one day, change to erode or compromise either my Principle, Integrity or Belief.


Bae spoke to me about a scheme a few months back, and without listening for too long, I got the gist and swiftly killed her presentation.

I know those schemes – PONZI. But this one is called, MMM (click, to meet the OG)

Without realizing how much fire this movement has caught on, I got to the office today and heard many testimonies. But the two most striking ones…

1) This is the most TRANSPARENT PONZI Scheme ever – (How PONZI and Transparent happen to find its way into the same sentence is very confusing.)

As a matter of fact, it is disingenuous. For, the transparency outlook actually makes the scheme appear reliable and accommodating

2) Someone ‘they’ know somewhere just bought a car after his “Provide Help/Get Help…

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November 2, 2016

Child online protection starts at home


I thought to make my household a tech-savvy environment, with the intent to expose my kids, early in life, to technology use. I made it a point to buy them a tablet on their 5th birthdays – the older got separate ones while the younger, shares with a parent.

These days, children are known to always show this pure inquisitive interest toward any portable gadget within their reach, right from an early age, and I naturally do not want a situation where my kids mistakenly mess around with my working tools; or put simply – damage them.

So I bought my boy a tablet on his 5th recently. Many months after, this picture popped up on my spare phone – which doubles as a “guardian tablet” to my kids’ devices. LOL!


You can’t imagine what children do behind you. And oh yes! I have since learnt some…

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Wonder Wonder Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox


That my circumstances will not, one day, change to erode or compromise either my Principle, Integrity or Belief.


Bae spoke to me about a scheme a few months back, and without listening for too long, I got the gist and swiftly killed her presentation.

I know those schemes – PONZI. But this one is called, MMM (click, to meet the OG)

Without realizing how much fire this movement had caught on, I got to the office today and heard many testimonies. But the two most striking ones…

1) This is the most TRANSPARENT PONZI Scheme ever – (How PONZI and Transparent happen to find its way into the same sentence is very confusing.)

As a matter of fact, it is disingenuous. For, the transparency outlook actually makes the scheme appear reliable and accommodating

2) Someone ‘they’ know somewhere just bought a car after his “Provide Help/Get Help click click” matured – MMM Web App terminologies 😀. An encouraging testimony.

Apparently, my office has been a MMM branch office for a while now. Testimonies only just started coming out. One need to see the motivated presentation and pep talk I was given, just to gain my buy-in.

I confess, it was convincing.

You do not need to be a marketer to give a good sales pitch. People actually do know how to sell a product or any type of service, most especially when given the right motivation. My office team, were not any different. They were animated, trying to sell me MMM.

I was impressed. Attention to details; full product (MMM) knowledge; live presentation and Q & A session.

Should I still be in doubt – case studies were highlighted, plus personal testimonies – clients, families and friends. The list was extensive.

So how does MMM work?

Sincerely speaking, understanding MMM’s business module is very vague on detail. But I will try

You see, you have a spare N100,000 you don’t mind throwing away (MMM clearly warns you on its website, not to use money you cannot lose – disingenuous, yes?).

You register your personal details on the MMM website and click on provide help to start ‘investment’. You then have to wait for about 2 weeks to be paired with someone who needs a N100,000. All the while, the N100,000 you have committed to MMM still resides in your own personal account, so you have this safe feeling that your money is still with you and not lost. In addition, while this committed money is in your possession, you can log in to MMM website to see your virtual N100,000 accruing interest at 1% per day – remember about 14 days have gone, so you should expect to see something like N114,000 in your virtual MMM account

Soon as you are paired, you transfer the N100,000 directly to the person you are paired with. Both of you, by now, has direct contact with each other and can relate on phone or any preferred means of communication. MMM is not involved in anyway.

Then you wait out the remaining days of the 30 days, to cash out. While waiting, you can always log into your MMM account to watch your interest continue to grow daily! At the end, you will be credit N130,000 by someone (probably another maga) you are paired with.


On the surface, this is how MMM works. No interaction with MMM providers. No service charge, aside penalties, if you default on your commitment.

Pastors now advertise MMM in churches (I think you should avoid these kind of Pastors and Churches).

Workplaces now turned to MMM recruitment agencies.

Businessmen & women now invest in MMM since the ROI is 30% in a month (why do I need to bother with buying goods from China, when there’s no guarantee I will have my goods shipped and cleared through customs in 30 days).

“MMM promises me N300k for my N1 million in ONE MONTH!”

I would be a fool not to partake after the whole impromptu session, which lasted less than an hour!

But you know. .. it is still a PONZI scheme!


Why and what exactly is money exchanging hands for, in this scheme?
It is not a stock neither does it possess its characteristics, and it has no physical material or composition.

How does Sergie Madrovi, or the MMM franchize in Nigeria make money?

I cannot claim to know the answers to these questions, but basic common sense would tell us, there is nothing free in Freetown.

MMM could be your ultimate trojan! All of its operation is on a website. Through the website, you enter all your personal details including bank information. Opening the website on your private PC could also install rogue bots that will capture every other data you have on your PC outside just visiting the MMM’s website, and that includes your key strokes! This is very insidious.

Data mining is the future. And you may just be providing MMM every single information you possess without signing a contract. This is besides intending this, for Google’s ad sense and general advertizing purpose.


My Advise

– Just be aware MMM is a PONZI scheme. This kind of scheme, always wearing a new look and new name each time, often show up when a nation is in misery or in recession. Guess which countries its featuring on in Africa at the moment.. Zimbabwe & Nigeria

– It has a lifespan. Probably 1 year, if really good and the machinery is well perfected by its organizers. I see this one dead, by mid next year. If this helps, do note that it has gone bad in South Africa & Russia

– However, if you are going to go for a risky venture (remember, risk is neither good nor bad), GO BIG & ONCE. Do not attempt to be cautious or claim smartness about this, saying:

“I’ll do N20k, if it comes back, I’ll increase to N50k, then N100k”.

Trust me, you would have played yourself by the time you want to invest the N100k. That is what these schemes aim for – PROGRESSIVE GREED! 😀.

What you do, if and when convinced is, take a reasonable sum (say N100k or N200k), close your eyes and JUST DO IT!
If you win – Cash out and say bye bye
If you lose – Your bad

Like I have communicated earlier, Do Not Be Greedy!

But you can always make an attempt to take an advantage of a scheme that is scheming to scheme you

This is my opinion on MMM. And please, do not forget to read on the founder – Sergei Mavrodi

Ade Of Nigeria, is an IT consultant and social commentator